Softball Equipment

Softball Power Hitting Groups

We will run your player through stations each week that will build strength and improve hitting form during their off-season.
Included will be stations focusing on functional muscle 
movement to increase strength and speed.  

Players will be kept engaged the entire hour, no standing around.  We will focus on a different aspect of the hit each week, such as leg drive, contact point, follow through.
6 Weeks, 1 hour sessions. $150.00 per player
Maximum 6 per class so we can keep social distancing regulations.  
Text or email Coach Sue to reserve your spot.
$75.00 Deposit due at registration.  
$75.00 Due first day of class.
Classes  begin week of Nov. 4th
Wednesdays                                 Fridays                                     Saturdays

5:30-6:30 Full                         5 :30-6:30 Full                    10:00-11:00Full
                             6:45-7:45                                 11:15-12:15
8:00-9:00                                    8:00-9:00                                      12:30-1:30
No Class Weekend of Nov. 20th - 22nd.